Skinny Ice Cream …. Mmmm

It’s summer…. I can’t believe this but THIS MONTH my baby Jaxx is a year old! The time has totally flown!

In this heat both me and baby boy could totally survive on cold sweet treats… but I don’t want to feed him tons of sugar, especially at this young age..

Not to mention I’m still getting my pre-baby bod back so ice cream is NOT my friend.

Thankfully, it is soo easy to make a skinny version that has a creamy, delicious texture reminiscent of McDonalds soft serve and

with a great neutral flavor that you can add so many different things to, to mix it up. It never gets boring!


This idea has been floating around Pinterest for a while now, not to sound like a douchey hipster but, I totally did this before it was all over the internet 😉

Skinny ice cream is so, so simple. Even a mom who considers it an accomplishment to get out of yoga pants by 1 pm (ahem, me) can do this.

Step 1. Cut a banana into chunks. Freeze solid overnight. They have to be 100% frozen.

Step 2.  Put banana chunks into food processor or Vitamix. Add, very sparingly (I’m talking a tablespoon at a time) grass-fed milk, water, or coconut milk. Just enough to make the chunks blend. Also throw in 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract (optional but recommended)

Step 3. Blend, mix with spoon, blend more…. bada-bing bada-boom…. you will have soft serve SKINNY ICE CREAM!!!




Optional (and HIGHLY recommended) play with the flavors! The original recipe tastes mildly like banana, and is delicious… but there is so much room to play around with it! I mentioned adding vanilla extract…. but also try:

* Fresh or frozen fruit…. pineapple, blueberry, raspberry, mango, papaya… all are amazing.

* Finely chopped mint & dark chocolate chips (throw in a few spinach leaves and it will be the color of mint-chocolate chip ice cream. Oh yeah.)

* Chocolate milk mix (one scoop) …. I swear, add this, and you’ll think you are drinking a chocolate Wendy’s frosty. Thats right, try it. You’ll thank me.

* You can even sneak in veggies and you won’t taste them. Spinach is a great, undetectable option, lightly steamed carrots, avocado…yum. Just nothing super strong flavored.

* Extracts like vanilla, almond, coconut, rasberry, all of those in tiny amounts will add a new dimension of flavor to this! Or try cinnamon, or cocoa powder, or maca…. so many possibilities!


Thanks to the high amounts of potassium, quickly absorbable carbohydrates, and easy digestibility (is this a word?) of bananas…. this is a great pre workout food.

I would wait an hour before working out after you eat this, though, you don’t want cold food sloshing around in your stomach as you exercise.


Go ahead and make some skinny ice cream. Then enjoy eating ice cream any time of the day… guilt free!

#LifeChanging #SkinnyIceCream #SeriouslyGoTryThisNow



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