Wow, it’s been a while

I haven’t updated this blog in soo long….

Many things have changed. I originally formed this blog to give tips to readers and clients while I was training at my 4s Ranch location.

However, I am now – Engaged, Pregnant, and living in the gorgeous city of La Jolla! (For the second time in my life…yay!)

Love this place...

Love this place…

I am still training, and still specialize in helping women get that lean, toned, and sexy look: however…… my MAIN focus now is helping moms to get not just in great shape “for having kids”…but

to help them look the hottest they have in their lives! This is a great passion of mine. It makes me so sad when women think that because they have had kids,

their days of looking and feeling sexy are “over”. You can have it all! And yes, it is a lot of work, but it’s so worth it.

Besides, you have to take great care of yourself if you expect to take great care of your family. Take the time, it isn’t selfish…it’s really the best thing you can do for your family.

You may have to get up earlier, you may have to squeeze fitness into your schedule, you may have to devote a few hours to prepping healthy food for snacks and meals.

Effort IS required.

But you know what….you will have so much more energy! You will glow from the inside out. As you lose fat and gain muscle tone you will feel lighter and stronger.

You will have a healthy way to deal with stress, you will feel less used and abused, because you are taking time for YOU.

However, one of the MOST important reasons it’s important for moms to stay healthy is that you are setting an example for your children.

Our society really is unhealthy…give your kids a fighting chance for a healthy life. Healthy habits start at home! YOU are the example, take this power seriously.

I’ll be posting throughout my pregnancy with prenatal fitness tips, wellness tips, and posting guides to getting back into shape post-baby. Stay tuned! ❤


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