Bikini Bombshell…Ice Cream?!?

Bikini Bombshell…Ice Cream?!?

It has been a sultry, hot summer this year, and though often people lose their appetite in the heat, there is one thing we all like to make an exception for:  ice cream!  Mmm… creamy, sweet, cold temptation!

Now before you go grab the nearest bucket of Ben and Jerry’s, please remember: only 1/2 cup of the (delicious) chocolate-chip cookie dough ice cream has 270 calories AND 15 grams of fat according to

Do you know how tiny 1/2 cup is? Its pathetic! Most people eat much more than that, so don’t trick yourself that *270 calories isn’t so bad…*

Don’t worry though, because you can still enjoy ice cream! Seriously! Just be smart about what you are going to consume.

One substitute I love:  Blend a frozen banana or two (broken into chunks) with 1 tbs. water or milk in a blender. Thats it, it tastes JUST like soft serve. If you feel indulgent you could top it with dark chocolate chips. A powerful blender such as a Vitamix is best for this.

Or….look on the blog “The World According to Eggface” in the protein ice creams section, she has pages and pages of healthy protein ice cream recipes. Does strawberry cheesecake flavor tempt you? What about chocolate coconut cookie? There are so many more, definately check it out!

If you prefer to just buy your protein ice cream, you might try Arctic Zero ice cream. 150 calories PER PINT!!! Fat and gluten free, lactose intolerant friendly, 8 grams of fiber, and 16 grams of whey protein concentrate! Available at Henrys, Sprouts, and on Amazon!

Let me know what your favorite flavor is, and enjoy!

Strawberry Goodness

Mouthwatering ❤


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