Earn a Sexy Stomach

Summer is here. In my opinion it is the best season of the year, espcially down here in San Diego! I love to take my workouts and my clients outside, the feeling of the warm sun ( while I wear sunscreen of course! )

Beach season is amazing, no doubt about it. But in the back of almost everyone’s mind as bikinis and boardshorts fill the store windows is this thought: “I don’t want to be seen wearing that!”

The swimsuit might be the sexiest little piece of material in the world, but if you don’t look and feel good in it, that won’t matter!

Of course, as girls, almost our ENTIRE body is exposed in our miniscule little bikinis. There are many “trouble zones” we can fret about. But most often, the most worrisome one is our stomachs. It seems like every extra cookie, every late night treat is displayed there like a billboard!

If you look for help online… “How to get a flat, sexy stomach” …well prepare to be blasted away by snake oil diet pill pushers, and lots of tips that are so recycled and general you won’t get much benefit. (for instance, sites that tell you to exercise more, whether it is taking the stairs or parking further away. Um yes those are good things but will that get you from jello belly to toned and tight? No…)

Here are some real world, effective things you can do to make your stomach sexy, flat, and toned.

1. Seriously, you need to start preparing for summer in the Fall. This is when you get the basics going. Set a healthy diet and a balanced, regular, tough exercise plan. This could be called “Phase 1”. If you go from sedentary to wanting a 6 pack in 6 weeks, well you aren’t going to get that. Be prepared.  ( however you still should do your best even if you start late!)

2. Do all the running you want, you can’t ever outrun a bad diet. Think because you ran 2 miles you are entitled to an ice cream cone? Well ok, if you don’t want to make any progress. Your diet needs to be full of fruits, vegetables, protein, and healthy fat. Eat NATURAL foods as much as possible. Natural means “If God made it, you eat it.” God didn’t make “All natural flavored jellybeans” and you know that! I can’t stress this enough. DIET IS ULTRA IMPORTANT!

3. Take a picture of yourself in a hot bikini. Don’t worry, you don’t have to show a soul! Look at yourself and use that as motivation. Don’t be hateful to yourself, just objectively say “hmm, I need to burn off my excess fat here and here….this looks good but can be better..” etc. Take a picture every month after that. Use them as measurements of your progress. (tip: don’t take the picture during your time of month or after a large meal. Kind of obvious but if you don’t think of it you might ffeel depressed looking at yourself in that state)

4. The title of this post is “EARN a sexy stomach” ..This is because if you are currently overweight or just flabby, you will be working hard to get where you want to be. You will be denying yourself crap food. You will be pushing it in the gym. You will feel angry sometimes that it is so much work, but believe me, you will be so, so glad you stuck to it.. And something you earn through hard work is always valued most.

5. Use cardio strategically. Don’t be stupid and waste hours upon hours in the gym because your workout is inefficient. Make your workouts get results in less time. This will help you to not burn out.

6. Educate yourself! Don’t focus TOO much on all the scientific, nit picky details if it derails you from sticking to a plan, but please take the time to teach yourself about fitness, fat loss, and health. This will enable you to cut through the crap information out there and get results. Read my blog, (of course 😉 ) Read books, even books that disagree! Don’t be dogmatic, there are many approaches that work.

I have a feeling this is a topic that a lot of people will want to learn more about, I mean who doesn’t want a sexy stomach right?

They like having sexy stomachs! ^^^

I will be doing more posts on this, using greater detail and more advanced methods for those who already have the diet and exercise basics down.

Please comment, and locals, if you want more info on training feel free to drop a line. Thanks!! ❤


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