Rest Day…I’m sick!

I hate being sick! I’m pretty sure most people do of course 😉 but right now it’s an especially bad time for me. I got hit with a cold on Saturday, managed to tough it out during a late night stint catering…but that night it hit me HARD. I woke up at 2:30 in the afternoon Sunday feeling as if a bus ran me over!

I felt AWFUL because I had a super fun bootcamp planned for Sunday morning but had to cancel on everyone last minute ( late Saturday night/ early Sunday morning)….I just had no clue I was going to get so soo sick! It’s okay because everyone was really understanding and we are all just super pumped for next week!

Obviously when your as sick as I currently am it’s best to just let your body rest. If you are mildly sick or your symptoms are above-neck only…it’s usually ok to engage in light exercise. ( However, PLEASE don’t be “that person” who leaves snot rags on the treadmill. Thats disgusting!) I’m actually training myself right now to run up an extremely steep hike nearby …and I feel so weak right now that it’s bumming me out like I will have taken two steps back in my progress. Urghh!! Oh well …just gotta keep on pushing hard once I’m back to normal!

What do you do when you’re sick? Do you push through the pain (not a good idea lol) …do you sleep all day? Are you a natural methods person or a Nyquil lover? Personally I am all for natural methods and lazing around by the pool or in the tub…I have a hard time sleeping in the daytime!

Can’t wait to get better and back to training my lovely Bombshells!!

XoXo Cierra


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