Become a Green Tea Goddess

 I’m sitting here sipping on my …I believe 3rd cup of green tea today…and it occured to me that green tea “miracle pills” and “weight loss formulas” are popping up all over the internet these days! It really gets old that every time a food or drink is found to have incredible health benefits…some supplement companies go crazy! They make cheap, low quality crap products…then label them “super premium miracle green tea potion” and market them to death!

There are some people who see these ads and say to themselves…”Oh wow I can buy this miraculous green tea/acai/ whatever pill and get skinny and sexy! I’m in!” ….congrats…you just turned into a sucker! 

Darlings, lets be clear: supplement manufacturers DO NOT need to get FDA approval to market their little diet pills. The FDA simply takes action against any unsafe dietary supplement once it has hit the market. A.K.A. after you have wasted your money on it and someone ( it could be you!) has shown adverse effects. And the reporting of adverse effects is not mandatory. Eeeeekk!!

So now that we are clear on that, I do want to talk about green tea a little bit. Green tea is in fact an amazing substance. Regular consumption of green tea has been shown to reduce cancer risk….as well as improving good to bad cholestrol levels.

How does it do this? Epigallocatechin Gallate. Also known as EGCG! EGCG is an amazing antioxidant. It inhibits and kills cancer cells without destroying healthy tissue. Green tea extract and caffeine ( green tea in regular tea form contains caffeine)  has also been shown in studies to help people burn more calories than with plain caffeine or a placebo.

Long term consumption of green tea has been shown in studies to improve exercise endurance capacity and fat burning rates. This is supposedly due to the catechins (EGCG).

However, green tea does contain a mild amount of caffeine. So even if you don’t enjoy sippin it all day everyday (like myself ) then have a cup about 30 minutes before working out! It will give you a nice little energy boost along with antioxidants, and if you want energy, but you don’t want to eat close to your workout, AND coffee is too much caffeine for you before exercise on a near empty stomach..this would work perfectly!

P.S. You will definately need the energy if your about to come to a training session with me. Just sayin 😉


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