Get a tiny, feminine little waist!

The classic, sexy hourglass shape…. a body type that is considered the “classic” womanly shape…is actually not very common! To be considered a true “hourglass”…your waist must be at least ten inches smaller than both your hips and your bust measurement. Of course your bust measurement you can’t really control too much…aside from genetics and plastic surgery of course. But hellooo there is a song written about small waists and “big” behinds “Cute face small waist and a big behind!” sound familiar?

Anyways there are several things you can control and manipulate in order to make your waist look teeny and defined.

  • Keep your bodyfat under control! This is done by the good ol’ eat less and exercise more strategy. Having too much fat equals a undefined and squishy waist. However, don’t get too extreme because being extraordinarily lean can also make you lose too much fat from your hips, which eliminates that nice sweeping curve from waist to hip.
  • You do want to do exercises targeting your waist. Here is a secret tip though: do not…DO NOT do weighted exercises for your obliques (side abs) …Side bends holding a weight? Just say no! This will not “tone” your obliques, it will grow them.
  • The exercises you will want to do : Stomach Vaccums ( suck in like you are reaching your belly button toward your spine. Keep breathing though, and maintain as long as possible. Sometimes I do this in a boring class or in line at the store!) This trains your body to keep your stomach holding in, as more of a habit, than letting it “hang out”
  • Planks and side planks. These exercises strengthen all of your ab muscles, but unlike classic crunches etc…these target your innermost ab muscles. When these are strong they hold you in like a corset.
  • Another sneaky trick: Focus on building a little muscle in your booty, and in your shoulders and lats ( upper back)…especially do the upper body if you are flat chested because it will give you width up front…making an hourglass illusion. Even if your waist doesn’t go down an inch, making these proportions slightly bigger will make it seem smaller!
  • Eat small portions. Many people experience the “food baby” issue when they eat. Your stomach does expand automatically when there is food in it, but you can keep from looking like you swallowed a watermelon by eating small portions and avoiding “bloat” foods…such as cabbage, beans, sugarfree gum, and diet soda (any soda!!)

In my opinion, a tiny waist is a totally feminine feature. Think Raquel Welch, Sophia Loren. These women were genetically blessed of course, but the tiny waist and feminine curves to their bodies helped to make them icons!

Any other tips for having a little bitty waist? Please comment! 🙂


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