Sexy Circuits

Picture this: You’re travelling. Maybe on a family visit for the holidays. But instead of at a hotel with a gym, your staying at a relative’s home…nowhere near a gym or fitness equipment of any sort!

Or: You hate gyms! So dirty and smelly, and people watching you work out? No thank you!!

Does this mean you are destined to sit on your butt and watch it grow larger and flabbier by the day?  NO!!!!!  Where there is a will, there’s a way, and this way is actually EXTREMELY effective, convenient, and fast. Not to mention intense and fun! What is it??????

Bodyweight Circuits!  You want to burn fat and get an intense cardio workout? You will. You want to gain strength, coordination, and sexy toned muscles? You got it. And since you are only using your own bodyweight, these workouts are extremely convenient for those who choose not to go to the gym or who travel a lot. 

I base many of my workouts, and my clients workouts, on fast paced circuits of bodyweight movements. It never ceases to amaze me what an effective workout you can get within 20-30 minutes, no equipment required.

I put together custom bodyweight workouts for my clients, and below I will list just a few that are fun and challenging! Many people have not heard of these, and I would reccomend looking them up on YouTube ( Or having me teach you in person) for proper how-to demonstrations!

Burpees……Mountain Climbers…..Plyometric Pushups…Planks…..Jump Squats

Try these out! If you like them, please let me know in the comments!

xoxox Cierra


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