Skinny Ice Cream …. Mmmm

It’s summer…. I can’t believe this but THIS MONTH my baby Jaxx is a year old! The time has totally flown!

In this heat both me and baby boy could totally survive on cold sweet treats… but I don’t want to feed him tons of sugar, especially at this young age..

Not to mention I’m still getting my pre-baby bod back so ice cream is NOT my friend.

Thankfully, it is soo easy to make a skinny version that has a creamy, delicious texture reminiscent of McDonalds soft serve and

with a great neutral flavor that you can add so many different things to, to mix it up. It never gets boring!


This idea has been floating around Pinterest for a while now, not to sound like a douchey hipster but, I totally did this before it was all over the internet 😉

Skinny ice cream is so, so simple. Even a mom who considers it an accomplishment to get out of yoga pants by 1 pm (ahem, me) can do this.

Step 1. Cut a banana into chunks. Freeze solid overnight. They have to be 100% frozen.

Step 2.  Put banana chunks into food processor or Vitamix. Add, very sparingly (I’m talking a tablespoon at a time) grass-fed milk, water, or coconut milk. Just enough to make the chunks blend. Also throw in 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract (optional but recommended)

Step 3. Blend, mix with spoon, blend more…. bada-bing bada-boom…. you will have soft serve SKINNY ICE CREAM!!!




Optional (and HIGHLY recommended) play with the flavors! The original recipe tastes mildly like banana, and is delicious… but there is so much room to play around with it! I mentioned adding vanilla extract…. but also try:

* Fresh or frozen fruit…. pineapple, blueberry, raspberry, mango, papaya… all are amazing.

* Finely chopped mint & dark chocolate chips (throw in a few spinach leaves and it will be the color of mint-chocolate chip ice cream. Oh yeah.)

* Chocolate milk mix (one scoop) …. I swear, add this, and you’ll think you are drinking a chocolate Wendy’s frosty. Thats right, try it. You’ll thank me.

* You can even sneak in veggies and you won’t taste them. Spinach is a great, undetectable option, lightly steamed carrots, avocado…yum. Just nothing super strong flavored.

* Extracts like vanilla, almond, coconut, rasberry, all of those in tiny amounts will add a new dimension of flavor to this! Or try cinnamon, or cocoa powder, or maca…. so many possibilities!


Thanks to the high amounts of potassium, quickly absorbable carbohydrates, and easy digestibility (is this a word?) of bananas…. this is a great pre workout food.

I would wait an hour before working out after you eat this, though, you don’t want cold food sloshing around in your stomach as you exercise.


Go ahead and make some skinny ice cream. Then enjoy eating ice cream any time of the day… guilt free!

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Dealing with Preggo cravings – the healthy way!


33 Weeks Pregnant….. and yeah, I’ve gained some weight (as I should!)


Please excuse the un-made bed, lol.

So, like I was saying. I’ve gained about 25 lbs at this point. During pregnancy, the minimum weight you are supposed to gain is 25 lbs. If you start out obese or even overweight, that number is smaller.

I’m sure I’ll be heavier by the time this lil guy is born…and that’s 100% ok with me. Pregnancy isn’t the time to freak out about weight gain!

Part of the reason I feel so good though, is that I know I’m doing things healthfully. SOO many women use pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever the hell they want, and sit on their ever-expanding butts.

I know that I’m doing the opposite of a lot of people and focusing on eating healthy foods and staying as active as possible.

First of all, I’m giving baby boy the high quality foods and nutrients he needs to be born healthy and strong…I’m literally giving him a head-start on life! I would feel terrible if my baby was only being fed crap food.

That being said, if I’m craving a popsicle, or some cinnamon jolly ranchers, or perhaps some Sprees candy dipped in peanut butter (WTF!?) …I’ll have some!

The difference between healthy weight gain and unhealthy weight gain is whether or not you make crap foods the center of your diet. In moderation, it’s totally ok! Don’t beat yourself up.

If you make eating healthy a way of life, you’ll find that your body starts to really crave those healthy foods! I swear I literally CRAVE fruit like some people crave chocolate.


Treats from the La Jolla Farmer’s Market. Garlic for the man, coconut/mango slices with chile and chamoy for moi! SO YUMMY.

And, if you find yourself to be a bottomless pit of hunger…and you know that you are eating the amount of calories your body needs, but you STILL feel hungry…fill up on water-rich foods!

* Watermelon (super amazing…plain, or with lime and salt, or frozen…mmm)


* Baby Carrots

* Sugar Snap Peas

* Berries

* Pears

* Greens

* Jicama

* Radishes

* Low sugar popsicles

Just to name a few! These foods will help you stay hydrated and feeling satiated, when you feel like you could eat your weight in food.

By the way….. your body really only needs about 300 extra calories on top of its normal requirements per day. And even that doesn’t need to start until your second or even third trimester.

You will find that exercise is sooo amazing during pregnancy, for many many reasons (That’s a whole ‘nother post)…

But seriously, for dealing with moods, feeling puffy, back pain, etc…it’s a miracle.

Just stay safe, and as you progress in your pregnancy listen to your body.

My first trimester, when I wasn’t feeling horrifically nauseous, I was still able to keep up my normal workouts, maybe getting tired sooner but nothing drastic.

Second trimester, I felt awesome with weights and moderate cardio, but nothing bouncy like running.

Now I’m in my third trimester, and I’m having some real issues with lightheaded-ness and back pain, so I’ve backed off everything except walking outdoors and stretching.

It used to be that doctors advised against your heart rate raising past 140 bpm, but now that has been changed. Just clear it with your doctor before exercising, and listen to your body.

There’s a scale that measures your Perceived Rate of Exertion, it goes from 1-10. 1 would be sitting on the couch watching Desperate Housewives, 10 would be running from a lion.

Keep towards the lower/moderate end of that scale. The most important thing is to keep your core temperature from becoming too elevated. So take time to warm up, cool down, and drink lots and lots of water.

Don’t feel bad if your workouts seem “lame” compared to what you normally do! You are literally making  a baby…it’s exhausting. Just staying in the habit of keeping active, even with the most mild exercise, is extremely important and will help you bounce back much quicker once you have the baby. I have a LOT more to say on this topic, but I’m gonna leave it here for now.

Time to go eat MORE watermelon. Mmmm.


Wow, it’s been a while

I haven’t updated this blog in soo long….

Many things have changed. I originally formed this blog to give tips to readers and clients while I was training at my 4s Ranch location.

However, I am now – Engaged, Pregnant, and living in the gorgeous city of La Jolla! (For the second time in my life…yay!)

Love this place...

Love this place…

I am still training, and still specialize in helping women get that lean, toned, and sexy look: however…… my MAIN focus now is helping moms to get not just in great shape “for having kids”…but

to help them look the hottest they have in their lives! This is a great passion of mine. It makes me so sad when women think that because they have had kids,

their days of looking and feeling sexy are “over”. You can have it all! And yes, it is a lot of work, but it’s so worth it.

Besides, you have to take great care of yourself if you expect to take great care of your family. Take the time, it isn’t selfish…it’s really the best thing you can do for your family.

You may have to get up earlier, you may have to squeeze fitness into your schedule, you may have to devote a few hours to prepping healthy food for snacks and meals.

Effort IS required.

But you know what….you will have so much more energy! You will glow from the inside out. As you lose fat and gain muscle tone you will feel lighter and stronger.

You will have a healthy way to deal with stress, you will feel less used and abused, because you are taking time for YOU.

However, one of the MOST important reasons it’s important for moms to stay healthy is that you are setting an example for your children.

Our society really is unhealthy…give your kids a fighting chance for a healthy life. Healthy habits start at home! YOU are the example, take this power seriously.

I’ll be posting throughout my pregnancy with prenatal fitness tips, wellness tips, and posting guides to getting back into shape post-baby. Stay tuned! ❤

How to Melt Fat on a Hot Date



You have a fun night planned. Reservations are made at a fun, upscale restaurant. You spent some time agonizing over what to wear, but you finally picked out that perfect dress and hot shoes. (Unless you are a man, then picking your outfit was much easier.)


You all arrive at the restaurant, get a great table and are handed the menus. Suddenly, stress floods your mind. You’ve been working hard to lose those last pounds and you know that restaurant food is notorious for sneaking in huge amounts of calories. Your eyes frantically scan the menu, flickering back and forth between the delicious main dishes, desserts, and alcohol….and the salads. Finally, you can’t put off ordering any longer and you either get a meal that looks delicious, but leaves you about to burst and feeling sluggish…or a dry side salad that leaves you much less than satisfied and wondering why you go out to eat at all.


If you’ve been there, listen up! You can still go out and enjoy dinner dates while still losing weight, no dry salads involved.  I know my clients and I all love going out, but we also like getting results from our workouts and diet. This is what will allow you to get both!


There’s a trick to it, you must learn the foods to avoid, and the foods you should look for.

What makes restaurant food tricky is often the hidden ingredients. Steamed veggies sounds innocent, until you find out they have been steamed and then topped with loads of melted butter. That salad looks healthy as can be, until you realize that the dressing is loaded with unhealthy oils and high fructose corn syrup! The empty carb pasta, desserts, and huge sugary alcoholic drinks are more obvious enemies in a fat loss plan.


Foods that you should order when out to eat are going to fall into two basic groups. Protein, and produce. Protein is usually quite easy to find when you go out to eat, but also make sure it has been prepared in a healthy way. Look for meat that has been grilled or broiled, and ideally is grass fed and organic (not always possible, but great when it’s available). Some good options are lean cuts of steak, bison, chicken, fish (especially wild Salmon, high in Omega 3’s), lobster, scallops, pork, and eggs.


When it comes to produce, we want to get a lot of vegetables. The more color and variety the better, you want to get deep green, vitamin rich spinach or kale, not iceberg lettuce! Look for produce that is in season. Also try new varieties when you have the chance. Have you ever had parsnips? Celery root? There are loads of healthy veggies to try. Steamed vegetables are just fine too, just make sure they don’t get drowned in butter. If you have the option, a big, huge salad full of colorful chopped veggies and mixed with plenty of filling protein, dressed with a simple mixture of olive oil and lemon juice, with a bit of sea salt and ground pepper on top, is perfect.


Of course salads are not your only choice. You could have many things, as long as you focus on eating a healthy lean protein source, and fresh produce. You can always have a bowl of fresh cut fruit for dessert too! Eating this way when you are out to eat will ensure you are getting the highest nutrients and freshest foods, and avoiding hidden sugars.


Of course, if you keep the portion sizes small, and are eating healthy in general, you are  able to spoil yourself once in a while. Just try and keep your splurges sensible. You want to have dessert? Fine, but split it with someone. And if you love having a drink or two when you go out, stick with alcohol that has a low calorie count, and don’t drink too much (because you will then be much more relaxed and might eat 10 times worse than you intended!) Wines that are low calorie; white zinfandel, which averages around 80 calories for 4 oz., and chardonnays which are about 90 calories for 4 oz. Wine spritzers are also lower calorie because they have less alcohol. 1 gram of alcohol has 7 calories, so the higher the alcohol content, the higher calorie the drink.







Now you know what to eat and what to avoid at restaurants. Enjoy your nights out and have fun! For more information on living a healthy lifestyle, join me and other female speakers at Delicias restaurant in the coming month for the upcoming series of Women’s Empowerment Luncheons. If you want to contact me, email or give me a ring at (760) 533-0667.